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The crew cabins have a shared toilet and shower
All accommodation were equipped with air conditioner units
The mess room was also refurbished and an air conditioner unit fitted
The kitchen was refurbished from cabinets to freezer floors and insulation
Additional extractor fans were fitted to the kitchen, engine room and shelter deck

Wichmann main engine:

The main engine was overhauled before the season of 2015 started. The running hours on the main engine since overhaul is 2650 Hrs.
The engine had a major overhaul. All the cylinder heads were inspected, pressure tested and refitted. All piston liners were honed out and refitted with the original pistons. The main bearings and big end bearings were all re-metaled. All connecting rod bolts were replaced. All crown bolts in the piston assemblies were also replaced. All the rings and liners seals were replaced The injectors and fuel pumps were also completely overhauled. The blowers were also overhauled. The drive couplings were also renewed Both turbo’s was stripped down, inspected and all bearings renewed. Both turbo’s were replaced in 2012.

Volvo auxiliary:

The Volvo was inspected in 2014 and the fuel pump as well as injectors overhauled. The engine did not have any overhaul jet, but is used not very often. The low pressure clutch system coupling were completely renewed.

Caterpillar 3406:

The CAT was overhauled March 2014, and the running hours 4600 since the overhaul

RSW compressors:

Both compressors were overhauled December 2014
Chiller VK2-16” / 3M
Sea water condensers SK6 – 14” / 2500
Total refrigeration capacity 650kWr

Propeller shaft:

The propeller shaft was removed July 2015. The seal assembly was overhauled, and a new inner seal was fitted. The outer seal is a Cedervall and the inner seal is a Manebar seal
Both inner and outer white metal bushes were replaced.
The bridge was equipped with all the needed electronic equipment
There is also a Max Sea plotter on the vessel

Engine room:

A standby fire pump was fitted
Additional water coolers (Bowman) were fitted to the main engine as well as the Volvo auxiliary engine and the Caterpillar 3406 engine
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