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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Cape Town

WHJ Projects is a registered asbestos removal and disposal company, specializing in demolition and earthworks/ earthmoving / excavations. We are registered with the Labour department and the Cape town.

We do residential, commercial, and industrial removal nation-wide.

We offer:

  • Safe removal and disposal.
  • Roof replacement, including guarantees.
  • Site decontamination.
  • Documentation of safe disposal on completion.

Asbestos is harmful to humans. If fine asbestos fibres are inhaled, these can lodged in the lungs, causing respiratory problems, which can lead to asbestosis, cancer and even death.

Asbestos removal work can differ greatly depending on the type, quantity and condition of the asbestos. There needs to be great care and preporation undertaken to ensure that work is carried out safely and without releasing airborne asbestos and exposing workers and other persons. Asbestos removal Cape Town is taken very Serious at WHJ Projects (Pty) Ltd and we have procedures in place to make sure that we work safely and efficiently.

  • Ensuring an asbestos removalist supervisor is readily available or present when the work is being carried out.
  • Providing appropriate training.
  • Preparing an asbestos removal control plan.
  • Displaying signs and labels in the asbestos work area.
  • Ensuring waste containment and disposal procedures are in place.

We ensure the highest level of  safety in the removal of asbestos ensuring our staff are properly trained, the risk to health has been assessed and there is a written work plan.  We use the correct equipment and tools to minimise dust such as a means to wet the material. Only hand tools are used and a vacuum cleaner with the correct dust filtering system.  We operate with appropriate means of decontamination and waste disposal.   We ensure all involved  are correctly protected with properly fitted and suitable respirators, suitable disposable gloves and overalls, boots without laces or disposable boot covers.

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Our Values

  • Trustworthy

    We are a member of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce.

  • Responsible

    We are committed to being environmentally conscious.

  • Determination

    We set targets and do all we can to efficiently and effectively meet them.

  • Quality

    We aim to consistently provide the highest quality demolition and excavation.