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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

At WHJ Construction we deal with the design, construction and maintenance of the natural and physically built environment, this includes work like roads, bridges, dams, buildings, houses, hotels. 

Civil Engineering is the second oldest engineering discipline and from there is defined into sub-disciplines encompassing architectural, environmental, geotechnical, municipal and urban, coastal and so on.  Whatever the discipline you require, feel welcome to contact us for your solution. We service the public sector from municipal and through to national government, individual home owners and international companies.

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Our Values

  • Trustworthy

    We are a member of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce.

  • Responsible

    We are committed to being environmentally conscious.

  • Determination

    We set targets and do all we can to efficiently and effectively meet them.

  • Quality

    We aim to consistently provide the highest quality demolition and excavation.