Demolition Cape Town

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WHJ Projects (Pty) Ltd. is a leading demolition and excavation specialist in Cape Town. Established in 1992 by Mr Wensley Jenneker, we boast 27 years of experience in the industry and a hard earned reputation for excellent service. WHJ Projects (Pty) Ltd is recognised within the industry as a market leader in demolition and excavation projects. Our client portfolio ranges from local government, to the private sector, and big industry. Visit our PROJECTS page for a look at some of our work.

Some of our services include Demolition, Excavation / Earthworks, Building WorksCivil EngineeringConcrete cutting and drillingTree Removal Cape TownAsbestos RemovalCivils and Demolition of boats, steel wood and fibre glass vessel.

Demolition Cape Town

Demolition Cape Town

WHJ Projects (Pty) Ltd works in close conjunction with Demolition Cape Town, a subsidiary which has been around since 1992. We work together on numerous projects, and pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of technological developments in the industry, in order to ensure the best possible execution of any demolition and excavation project, and maintain our position as market leaders.

At WHJ Projects (Pty) Ltd, we take great care in being environmentally conscious. In every project we undertake, we strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations by guarding against unnecessary damage to natural resources. We are also committed to recycling our materials, such as bricks, wood, copper, and aluminium, wherever possible. We are also, as far as possible, committed to recycling our materials, such as bricks, wood, copper, and aluminium.

On the Forefront

WHJ Projects (Pty) Ltd is on the cutting edge of demolition and excavation technology.
This excavator is the pride of our fleet. It is ideal for internal demolition and excavation projects. The machine is 1,300m wide, and when its tracks are adjusted inwards it can access buildings with door openings narrower than 1m. The canopy can also be removed to allow entry to areas of around 1,2m high.
This machine is used for demolition projects, such as demolition of concrete floors, beams, pillars, as well as excavations such as trenching, digging of swimming pools, removal of trees, and much more.

WHJ Projects ExcavatorWHJ Projects Excavator   


We aim to consistently provide the highest quality demolition and excavation.


We set targets and do all we can to efficiently and effectively meet them.


We are committed to being environmentally conscious.


We are a member of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce.

Demolition by WHJ Projects at ( St Anne’s Catholic church) Steenberg

Challenges at this height:

  1. Overcoming safety and other challenges when working at this height.
  2. Dealing with extreme weather conditions: strong winds and cold due to the close proximity to the sea.
  3. Management of drilling times and noise reduction, considering the uninterrupted church program.
  4. The use of silent explosives
  5. Debris direction challenges: private homes the church building and passing traffic in immediate firing line when debris/ rubble descends
  6. Waste management plan due to lack of space